the collective

west~bourne is a collective of minds, dreamers, and businesses, a whole made greater together than the sum of our parts. 

We want you to know the people, places and things that make our restaurant what it is. Here at The Collective is where you will find out everything you need to know about our partners, family, friends and team that make this dream possible. 

west~bourne - mission driven, LA inspired, vegetable forward and environmentally mindful. The complete neighborhood hood hang out. 

The Door - Located at 555 Broome Street, The Door is New York City’s largest poverty fighting organization that targets youth career development. We donate 1% of all our proceeds to The Door, through The Robin Hood Foundation. Our running tally for total donations is up on our blog! Our involvement goes beyond philanthropy though. We hire from The Door’s hospitality training program, meaning that our connection with the organization is full-circle and deeply meaningful, both to us, The Door and the communities they serve. 

The Robin Hood Foundation - The primary organization that funds The Door. A one-of-a-kind organization, with the incredible capacity to underwrite all running costs, allowing them to give 100% of donations to the causes they support, the team at The Robin Hood Foundation is really making New York City a better place, for lots of people. They identify effective poverty-fighting programs, bolster them, ensure their survival and work together to magnify their positive impact. 

Studio Mai - The comfortable, welcoming, LA-inspired space that is west~bourne was largely made possible by the out-of-the box thinking of the team at Studio Mai. They helped us with bespoke industrial cozy furniture and one of a kind lighting systems that works beautifully for day-to-night dining for every occasion. 

Foda Studio - The innovative branding agency in Austin, TX we’ve partnered with to craft west~bourne. From our business cards and pocket guides to our menu design and signage, they helped us build out west~bourne from just a restaurant with great food to a comprehensive brand with a definitive voice. 

Becca PR - Our incredible female PR team who is responsible for a huge part of our success. Photos, event, press and more, these women challenge convention effortlessly as creativity is in their DNA. 

Hedley & Bennett - The makers of our aprons. A chef favorite all over the country, they keep our team polished and well-equipped at all times. 

Baldor - Way more than suppliers and delivery trucks, they make our business possible. Giving us access to green radishes for The Bounty, endless amounts of eggs for all breakfast needs and copious jars of tahini to accompany the many Rainbowls we make each day, we owe a lot to them! 

Primordia Farms - Hailing locally and close to home, this family-owned farm forages and farms all our mushrooms. A versatile ingredient, with varying textures and incredible malleability of flavor, they are one of our favorite things to cook with. 

Wild Hive Farms - Mixed grains are the new thing, not simply oats or quinoa, the grain mix we get from Wild Hive Farms is varied, textured and nutrient dense, not to mention absolutely delicious. The base of our Goldilocks and Sunset Grains, they can go sweet or savoury! 

Breads Bakery - Guests recognize our pastries as theirs within seconds of entering our shop; unmissable in more ways than one. We have their triple chocolate chip cookie, chocolate babka, chocolate rugelach and croissants. 

Four & Twenty Blackbirds - The famous Brooklyn-native, sister duo, Emily and Melissa Elsen, also known as our pie partners. They make exclusive flavors just for us that change seasonally but always retain incredible flavor, pie-perfect texture and the nostalgia we’re all looking for when tucking into a slice of pie.

Food Print - Our sustainability consultants help us work better and smarter ensuring that the environment we live in stays happy and healthy. They’ve helped us understand what it means to lead a sustainable business on multiple levels from design, to waste disposal, menu design and to-go operations. 

Robert Siegel Studio - Ceramics are a huge part of what makes a restaurant feel. Our handmade plates, mugs and bowls actually make our food taste better, or at least we think so. 

Atelier Saucier - Its all food, design, hospitality and sustainability for this boutique, female founded LA-based company. Realising there was a lack of sustainably produced linens and design-forward products, Nikki Reid (director of operations at west~bourne) and Staci Inspektor put their heads together and created change. Our napkins are functional proof of their efforts. 

Scribe winery - A gem of Sonoma, CA, this winery produces wine driven by the land. Founded by brothers Andrew and Adam Mariani in 2007, Scribe wines are loved by chefs, restaurant owners, wine-enthusiasts and Amy Schumer alike. We are currently stocking their rose and 500 ml pinot noir. 

Broc Cellars - Located in Berkeley, CA, this winery produces small natural wines and larger batch wine with very limited intervention. They are focused on expressing each grape’s flavor profile, texture, and mouthfeel. Utilizing naturally existing yeast and bacteria in their fermentation process, the makers at Broc Cellars are able to produce complex wines that are incredibly time and place specific. At the moment we are serving their Chenin Blanc Petillant Naturel and ‘Love Red.’

Cruse Wine Co. - This small, bespoke winery specializes in delicately crafted, thoughtfully produced white and sparkling wines. Started by Michael Cruse, in an effort to create accessible artisanal wines, Cruse Wine Co has done exactly that. We have recently added their Monkey Jacket to our wine list, along with the much sought after Ultramarine blanc de blancs California “Champagne.” 

BKR - Simple. Stylish. Sustainable. Three words that sum up these design-forward, glass water bottles. Crafted by Tal Soltz and Kate Cutler, BKR bottles will keep you hydrated, nourish your skin from the inside out all while doing no damage to the planet. Find them in the market at west~bourne or here. 

Industry Standard - The makers of our ‘west is best’ t-shirt, this ethical, sustainable, do-it-differently clothing brand is totally on track with our values. Not accepting ridiculously marked up t-shirts as the industry standard, founder Nicole Najafi makes organic cotton jeans and tee’s and sells them direct-to-consumer. That's it. Find them in the west~bourne market, or get yours customized. 

Grove 45 - When life gives you olives, make olive oil. Or, step it up and make it small batch, hand harvested, direct press EVOO. Bonnie Storm and Nena Talcott, founders of Grove 45, both had extensive farming experience before launching their new business venture in 2009. Their orchard, located on Bonnie’s ranch in the Napa Valley, is planted with Italian olive trees, brought over by Bonnie in 1994. Their fruit forward, green-hued oil is sold in our market as well as here. 

RAW Juicery - “Guilt-free anyway you look at it.” Raw, organic, sustainably sourced, eco-consciously produced, this juice does it all. Juice bottled at the source requires less fossil fuel usage for transport, making the sourcing, processing and distribution of this juice admirable. Find it at west~bourne or here. 

Grimm - Don’t judge a beer by its label. But these labels are out of this world. More than just a pretty picture, Grimm beers and ales are flavor packed, and creatively tasty. Founders, Joe and Lauren Grimm, have been fascinated with Belgian-style ales since living and working as musicians there. Experimenting with all sorts of fermentation, Grimm started as a nomadic brewery in 2013 and has recently settled down in East Williamsburg as of June 2018. We have a rotating selection of their ales, as they are produced in small quantities, making our partnership with Grimm dynamic and ongoingly exciting. 

Three’s Brewing - Craft beer. People love it. So do we. And so does the team at Three’s Brewing. We always have a beer of theirs on tap, as well as a few cans of their delectable ales, pilsners, lagers and IPAs. With a bar and their brewery in Brooklyn, they are truly local, making our partnership with them one focused on building community in our industry. Of course, meetings are always held with great food and great beer. 

RAMONA - Refreshing and a little fizzy, RAMONA is exactly what you want on a summer’s night or after a long, serious day at work. Started by Jordan Salcito, renowned sommelier at Eleven Madison Park and previous Momofuku beverage director, this beverage company is doing wine in a new, and improved way. An organic ruby grapefruit wine spritzer in an aluminum can, with an eye-catching label, accompanied by a break-the-rules mentality, RAMONA is wine, but cooler. 

INNA - A dollop of jam goes a long way, especially if it’s atop a Malibu Waffle or a bowl of the Goldilocks porridge. Also makers of the ginger shrub, which we use in our west~bucha, INNA is a California company that makes delicious products from organic fruit and vegetables grown within 150 from their kitchen in Emeryville. 

RYME - Started by husband and wife, Ryan and Meghan Glaab, these wines are literally the product of a love story. The wines they produce are guided by the wines they love to drink, making their business one of true passion and curiosity. Using organic, sustainably grown grapes, fermenting in french Oak barrels and a method with little intervention, RYME wines are enjoyable on their own, but also incredibly complementary of good food. The Uphold line is a unique RYME collection, in that all the proceeds for these bottles go to charities working to support various causes. We stock the rose, which supports women’s rights charities.  

Compartes Chocolates - Everything is better with a piece of chocolate to finish it off. That is why we know we needed a few chocolate options at west~bourne. The design-focused, luxurious, handcrafted bars are playfully flavored with an LA twist. As beautiful as they are delicious, our favorites are California Love, California Dreaming, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Old Hollywood and Vegan Kale.

Baggu - Started in 2007, with the goal of everyone carrying a Baggu instead of a plastic grocery bag, this company is on the way to changing the status quo. Started by Emily Sugihara, this company has always been working towards making sustainability accessible for all people, at all price points and at any time of day.In an effort to live more sustainably, changing single-use items into for-life reusable items, can make a huge positive impact. Our collaboration with them resulted in the “handle your neighborhood with care” tote, sold in the west~bourne market. Carry the bag. Read the message. Live by it. 

PURE Dog Food - Using local, organic and all-natural ingredients, this dog food is next level. Started by Lindsay Gores after her dog Zoey was hit by a car, and almost lost her life, PURE dog food uses 100% human grade ingredients to ensure that your dogs are fed well so they can stay healthy and happy. We sell their Peanut Better treats in our market. 

photo credit: @sarahnatsumi