Private Events

All˜day menu favorites, greenmarket bounty bombes, hand selected local beer and natural California wine, as well as some exclusive creations, are available for events hosted at our vibrant west˜bourne space in Soho or off site. We can’t wait to make your dream event come to life wherever, whenever. Let’s let our imaginations run wild.

For more information on hosting your event at west~bourne, visit our FAQ here.,format&h=1800,format&h=1800,format&h=1800,format&h=1800,format&h=1800,format&h=1800,format&h=1800,format&h=1800,format&h=1800,format&h=1800,format&h=1800,format&h=1800,format&h=1800,format&h=1800

Thank you! A member of the west~bourne Events Team will be in touch shortly.