gift boxes

  • ~Awaken your day the west~bourne way~

    Our morning-inspired box is filled with two custom Robert Siegel mugs, limited edition seasonal Counter Culture Coffee, housemade w~b Granola, Cap Beauty Match sticks, INNA Jam, 4 reclaimed denim Atelier Saucier napkins, and 2 west~bourne pins.

  • ~Best enjoyed in the sun and in good company~

    The Griffith Picnic box is filled with a custom west~bourne Baggu Duck Bag, 500ml bkr water bottle, 2 cans of Recess, housemade Togarashi Chex Mix, a General Admission LA Cabana Hat, and 2 west~bourne pins.

  • ~An ode to the city of love, lights, and dreams~

    The La La Land box is overflowing with indulgence; featuring Dirty Lemon +cbd, west~bourne Hermetic tarot cards, Grove 45 Napa Valley Olive Oil, seasonal INNA Jam, Compartes Old Hollywood Dark Chocolate, a Norden Big Sur candle, west~bourne matches, and 2 west~bourne pins.