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Pantry Staple

Chili Oil

Love at first taste, this smoky, umami, flavor-packed finishing oil with espelette and aleppo pepper is meant to add to everything. Elevate your go to grain bowl, top takeout meals and pantry friendly recipes, or add to vanilla ice cream - yes, you read that right, it’s a powerful kick on ice cream. 

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Pantry Provisions

House Granola

Right at home in your pantry, nutrient-rich, sustainably sourced chunky, crunchy gluten free oats clusters with superfood like chia and flax seeds, plus a hint of cinnamon. 

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Pantry Provisions

Togarashi Crunch

Ready to fall in love? Because it’s likely to happen. Our crunchy, smoky, with a hint of sweetness, corn crisps, smoked almonds, kettle puffed rice and quicos snack mix hits all the notes. Oh, and, did we mention it’s vegan and gluten free too?

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