west~bourne is committed to neighborhood hospitality: cooking for ~ and giving back to ~ our community.  A nostalgic nod to the irreverent spirit of 1960s Los Angeles, let's come together to eat well and do even better.



Our industry is currently facing unprecedented challenges. With the COVID-19 outbreak necessitating social distancing, our business - one of gathering and enjoying connection - is impossible. We've had to close our doors in the public health interest, as has the rest of the industry. 

The hospitality industry has largely been left behind by our city, state and federal officials which is why we’ve put our heads together with some of the best and brightest NYC restaurant owners and hospitality companies to create ROAR (Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants) to craft a petition that has the potential to save our industry. 

We have been so lucky to receive your support for the past two years and would be incredibly grateful for your endorsement with this effort as well. 

We're immensely grateful! 

Camilla + team w~b